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Meals Always Fresh 

Orders may be placed Mon thru Friday. All meals are prepped fresh on Sunday.

Shipping fee within the D.C,  Maryland and Virginia areas is $25. All locations outside of those, please inquire within.  Shipping invoices will be sent separately. All SHIPPING orders are mailed express, frozen and vaccuum sealed for freshness.

*Please message us to use your promo Code*

*Both Tax and delivery fee are included in total* 

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After placing your order. Add your options to the message box on the contact page and send them to us.​ 

Proteins [4oz]

Chicken breast

Chicken​ Thighs

Smoked Salmon

Herb Salmon


Ground Turkey

Ground Beef

Ground Chicken


Sweet potato

Red potatoes

Jasmine rice

Brown rice

Red beans

Black beans

Veggies [1cup]



Green beans



Brussel sprouts

21 meal Pick and Pack 

Choose up to 3 of each option

Proteins 4oz 

Carbs 3oz

Veggies  1cup

21 meals

14 meal Pick and Pack 

Choose up to 2 of each option 

Proteins 4oz

Carbs 3oz 

Veggies 1cup

14 meals

7 meal Pick and Pack 

Choose 1 of each option 

Proteins 4oz

Carb 3oz

Veggies 1 cup 

7 meals

Savory Salmon 

6oz Italian Herb salmon served with perfectly baked sweet potato and pan roasted brussel sprouts. 

6oz Salmon

Pepper Steak

6oz Fajita steak pan seared with peppers and onions served on a bed of sauteed Kale 

6oz Steak

Beef with Broccoli 

6oz Ground Beef served with pan tossed broccoli and steamed jasmine rice 

6oz 93% Lean Ground Beef

Roasted Chicken Breast 

6oz Tender Roasted chicken breast served with steamed jasmine rice and broccoli 

6oz Chicken Breast

Pan Roasted Ground Turkey 

6oz savory Ground Turkey served with spinach and roasted red potatoes 

6oz 93% Lean Ground Turkey

Vegan Teriyaki Chicken 

6oz Vegan/Vegetarian Chicken tossed in Teriyaki sauce served with chick Peas and sauteed Kale

6oz Teriyaki Chicken

Vegan Meatballs 

6oz Vegan/Vegetarian Meatballs served with Steamed Jasmine rice and Kale

6oz Meatballs